Cosplay - Made In Scandinavia

Created by keigomak

If you missed our Kickstarter or want to order another copy, don't you worry, you can pre-order the book and the second chance to add your name in the book right here! And don't wait, the pre-order will work as an indication if the demand is high. If so, we'll look into how to we can get additional fundings in order to expand the book with more pages (bigger gallery to feature more cosplayers) and give the book a hard cover instead of a soft cover and more! The book will also be printed by demand/limited copies. So if you missed to pre-order, we can't promise we have a lot of extra copies to sale after that. And if the extra copies are sold by other retailers, it will probably cost a lot more to buy than the pre-order. So make your pre-order now!

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